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EchoBot 0.2 Clip feed now enabled

So finally we are on the much anticipated 0.2. This version has added many features that have been requested repeatedly and were much needed for people to really dig into using echo bot. There were some unplanned changes in this version too, which may have added some time to the release date but will improve things significantly going forward. So what did we add this time?

EchoBot 0.1 Alpha now Available for Testing.

It is with great excitement that I announce that version 0 .1 ALPHA is now available for testing. We are now opening sign ups up to the public to register as a streamer on our website. As of now community members will be able to sign up and use the base set of features that Echo Bot is launching with. Going forward we will be aiming for a consistent uptime while development proceeds, more on this below.

Echo Bot Launched

Echo bot was originally concieved during my time in The Grizzly Nation, as Chiefo Bot. It had a similar purpose but after some consideration we realised that Chiefo Bot's ideas list was vastly bigger than anything originally intended for TGN. I was gushing with new ideas every day. I also wanted to take our engagement and community tools in a vastly new direction to anything we had done before, or anything I had seen before. Eventually had to create Echo Bot as its own entity.

Echo Bot Features

Currently Enabled Features

  • Raid command which gives a shoutout for any raids going out in Discord.
  • Automatic removal of the raid shoutout creating a sense of immediacy whenever it shows and cleaning up chat for anyone missing it.
  • Streamer profile page.
  • Customisable personal raid GI
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