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Echo bot was originally concieved during my time in The Grizzly Nation, as Chiefo Bot. It had a similar purpose but after some consideration we realised that Chiefo Bot's ideas list was vastly bigger than anything originally intended for TGN. I was gushing with new ideas every day. I also wanted to take our engagement and community tools in a vastly new direction to anything we had done before, or anything I had seen before. Eventually had to create Echo Bot as its own entity.

We of course intend to maintain close links with TGN, I have a lot of friends there, and their influence will vastly shape the direction Echo Bot takes, but branching out means that we can seek out a much larger scope, and seek consultation and cooperation with a much wider streaming community. Echo Bot is an independent entity and it needs its own itdentity in order to grow into the monolith I believe it can become.

The core ideas behind Echo Bot are to build engagement tools to help community members find each other, network, get to know one another and to make that process fun. Another core principal behind Echo Bot's design is to enable overlap in communities. That can mean the communities of two different Twitch streamers communities or it can mean a Twitch streamer and a Mixer streamer. It also helps facilitate cross platform engagement from Twitch to Discord, YouTube, and Facebook. More are also planned for the future. As well as these dynamically linked services Echo Bot's website will also feature profile pages and an EPG scheduler with customization for friends lists, communities and other search tools allowing members to more easily find other like minded streamers as well as featuring their other social media accounts.

In principal Echo Bot incentivises engagement with a series of games and achievements that encourage positive networking techniques. The gamification of this process makes it fun so that community members have a great time instead of feeling "the grind". We combine this system with analytics tools for community leaders to help you get better partnerships.

This is just the start, we have seen a lot of love in the Grizzly Nation and as we move forward with one of the most ambitious streamer tools the world has ever seen we look forward to doing this as a Team.