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21:01 - Added webhooks integration to post updates from the website to Discord - Software updates will now be posted in the #announcements channel in discord Other important content types may be added in the future -
20:01 - Added a !help command - Typing !help followed by a commmand name prints help text for that  command. Added help text for all existing commands -
16:01 - Fixed a bug causing the top clip failing to autoplay - -


13:01 - Added dice rolling - Echo bot can now roll dice for you using this format  !roll 2d6 -


16:10 - Added discord !clear command - Clears x number of messages -


16:10 - Added a new flag to commands to hide debug from !commands - Debug commands will still show to BigMonD -
16:10 - Changed Command Constructor - Commands are now loaded from seperate files and support responses in formats other than string. Functions can be returned allowing more flexibility. The new file format allows Additional permission types to be added, pagination to be added to !commands, sorting, categorisation and other fine tuning. There is currently no functional change to users. This is preparation for adding more stuff later. -


13:09 - Costream passwords are now retained through reboots - Passwords are saved to the echo bot website under the user profile section. EchoBot loads these passwords on a reboot. Typing "!solostream" removes the password from the website -


10:09 - New Going Live Layout - Going Live will now show the game box art. In the case of multiple plaforms in the same category, the box are from the most recent live platform will be shown. Going Live will now list each streamer, theirr platform logo, their title, and viewer count. Going Live will list the "Most Recent" live person at the bottom of each category. The Most recent live person will, in addition to the other details show a stream rpeview thumbnail and the category header URL will link to that stream -
10:09 - Added debug feature, silent restarts - EchoBot will not post live messages except in its own discord when rebooting while debugging, preventing spamming going live channels -


20:08 - Improperly formatted Twitch names - Fixed a bug where a user entering an improperly formatted twitch name would cause chacking for live to fail for everyone. -


23:07 - Added sidebar for recent content and user logon - excluding homepage -
23:07 - Added top clip weekly from the clip feed to be in a highlighted box - -
23:07 - Added Voting to clips - -
23:07 - Added Vanity URLs - Each user now has a vanity URL eg -


17:06 - Added option to change Echo bot community name - -
13:06 - Added community feed to the website - -
12:06 - Made additional fields visible on communities page - -
12:06 - Added formatting to Communities page - -
11:06 - Added Communities you own to user profile - -