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This is a feature being developed for version 0.3 but I was too excited and thought I'd show it off now. EchoBot provides a selection of Browser sources for you to use in your streaming software. The first of these to be publicly released is the Clip feed Top clip.

In a nut shell, this displays your most popular clip from the past month in a browser source, if there hasn't been a clip in the past month it checks the next month and so on. If a new clip gets added to the clip feed which becomes more popular the video will automatically change. You can then use this browser source in your BRB, starting soon and end scenes and it will automatically play a clip showcasing the best moments of your channel, and once it is setup you can forget about it. Since it is also possible for your community to submit clips to your clip feed on the Echo Bot website this gives your community a new way to interact with your stream

Here are the steps on how to activate this feature for yourself.

  1. Add a browser source to OBS, give it a meaningful name like "EchoBot Top Clip"
  2. Change the URL to "", where "ACCOUNTNAME" is your Echo Bot account name. You can open the URL in a browser to check if its working and a clip should play full screen.
  3. Change the width to 1280 and the Height to 720.
  4. Check the box that says "Refresh browser when scene becomes active"
  5. Resize the window to fit in your scene.
  6. Encourage your community to add more epic moments to the clip feed.

Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can extend this in the comments below.